Performance Is Key

What makes FS the top-selling brand of energy products on the farm? In a word: performance.

Dieselex Gold is the premium diesel fuel patrons ask for by name. It keeps you running strong with more horsepower and more hours per gallon than any other diesel fuel. Commercial truckers are discovering that same boost in performance on the road.

We have a complete line of quality diesel and gasoline blends for all types of equipment, along with DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).

Dieselex Gold

Our Fuels

South Central FS fuels are designed to give you the best possible performance. 

  • Dieselex Gold
  • #1
  • #2
  • FS Unleaded
  • Biodiesel


When it comes to protecting and extending the life of your engines and equipment, nothing does it better than FS lubricants and greases. In exhaustive testing the advanced additive technology of Suprex Gold, our diesel engine oil, provided outstanding protection against soot and oxidation under the most severe real-world conditions.

Our line of Spectra Lube greases provide the protection you demand. Under extreme pressures, high temps, and more, Spectra Lube does the job: protecting your investment day in and day out.

  • Setup and service tanks and equipment
  • Full-time service department
  • Oil Analysis
  • DEF Setups
  • Bulk Lube Setups
  • Tank Monitoring
  • Tank Maintenance

Liquid Fuel and Lube Staff

Kris Zerrusen

EMS - Liquid Fuel/Lube Sales


Barry Jahraus

Fuel/Lube Sales


Julie Tomlison

EMS - Liquid Fuel/Lube Sales