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Rantizo Announcement

South Central FS and Rantizo are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining South Central FS Precision’s leadership in sub acre crop management with Rantizo’s agricultural spray drone expertise.  With the spray drone market moving at warp speed, this strategic partnership offers patrons the latest in drone advancements, delivered locally.

Our patrons continue to adopt the latest crop protection products to maximize return on investment on each acre.  Spray coverage optimization and crop timing continue to be critical components to a successful application.  Through on-farm MiField research trials over the past 3 years, drone applications have consistently proved to be a great option for foliar applications. 

Through this partnership, we can bring our patrons a customized drone proposal, supported by training, serviced locally, while optimizing the spray coverage of each drone.  Customers will experience a robust support experience to ensure questions are answered promptly. We have a turnkey offering to ensure patrons are licensed, trained, and insured so they can get a drone up and running.    

Rantizo is an agricultural tech company based in Iowa City, Iowa, focused on sustainability in agriculture, leveraging drone technology. They have a full team of experts consistently pushing the drone spraying industry forward and setting the standards for safe, legal, and productive drone applications.

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The Precise Information You Need

Maximizing productivity starts with a precise approach. Our Precision team strives to be at the forefront of today's newest and most innovative technology. At South Central FS, we believe farming precise is a journey as investments are implemented over time. We find the winning combination includes building a customized plan with our local team.

We are organized to support and execute your plan. Whether you are looking to start collecting geo referenced data, install the latest piece of equipment or analyze multiple data layers, our South Central FS Precision team stands ready. 

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Is this the year for improved planter performance? How about the Right Placement of fertilizer or seeds using variable rate prescriptions? Maybe you want to take the next step in guidance control through RTK’s sub-inch accuracy. Do you want to incorporate aerial imagery into your decision-making process? Would you like to make better use of your yield maps? Bring us your goals and your Precision Team will help you accomplish them!

  • RTK Boundaries
  • Planter Meter Calibration
  • Variable Rate Planting Scripts
  • Variable Rate Fertility Scripts
  • Yield Overlay
  • Soil Testing
  • Aerial Imagery



Sentera has the solutions you need to capture and turn aerial imagery data into insights to make the best decisions for your crops throughout the growing season.

Agleader 11.jpg

Ag Leader Product Solutions

Ag Leader products offer a full-farm solution from start to finish and seamlessly connect your equipment and tasks so that your operation runs more efficiently than ever before.  Products include autosteer, planter monitoring-electric drives, sprayer control and yield monitoring.

  • Planting & Seeding
  • Guidance & Steering
  • Displays
  • Flow & Application Control
  • GPS
  • Harvest Yield Monitoring
  • Water Management


Yetter Product Solutions

Yetter leads the agriculture industry in designing effective and innovative equipment for residue management, seed bed preparation, precision fertilizer placement, strip-till, harvest attachments, and more.

Harvest International.png

Harvest International Product Solutions

From planters and row units, to expanding tillage and trailer lines, Harvest International continues to focus on the equipment that offers maximum performance for farmers.

SurePoint Ag Systems.png

SurePoint Ag Product Solutions

SurePoint Ag specializes in providing solutions for the control and application of liquid and dry fertilizer, seed, and chemical. 

MyWay RTK.png

MyWay RTK Product Solutions

MyWay RTK is an Internet based RTK (Real Time Kinematic) solution designed specifically for agriculture that allows users to receive RTK corrections over the Internet. RTK positioning is the most accurate signal available for farmers looking to use precision farming technology.


Ag Technology & Data Services

Climate allows you to collect data and see your field maps build in real-time while easily storing the data in your account. Use digital maps to compare critical field data layers and determine how agronomic practices can impact yield. Climate also allows you to generate crop performance reports and pick the best seed for next season.

With Ag Leader’s platform, AgFiniti, connected to your displays, it will seamlessly send data to your account allowing you to track your fields' progress from planting to harvest. It also offers other features such as real time stats, data management, remote viewing of displays, and tracking your fleet. 

Precision Team

Lucas Deters

Lucas Deters

Precision Farming Specialist

(217) 994-1189

Heather Fuesting

Heather Fuesting

Precision Data Specialist

(217) 342-5092

Kerry Wolff

Kerry Wolff

Precision Farming Specialist

(217) 343-1837

Evan Link

Evan Link

Precision Equipment Specialist

(217) 708-1835

Contact the South Central FS Precision Department

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